With over fifty years of combined experience, our family law attorneys work for and with our clients to help them reach resolutions that help them move towards their new normal.

Juvenile Court: We work with unmarried parents regarding custody, parenting, paternity, child support, abuse, neglect and dependency actions.

Collaborative Law: We work with your spouse and his or her attorney in an interest-based negotiation process that works outside of the court to help families reach agreements.

Dissolution: A way to terminate your marriage by reaching agreements regarding all necessary issues without going to Court.

Divorce: A court-based method to terminate a marriage.

Child Custody: We work with parents regarding matters both pre and post decree. Mediation: Using a neutral to help parties reach agreements on all family law related matters.

Support Actions: We work with clients to help establish or modify spousal and child support both pre and post decree.

Appellate Practice: We are experienced in all aspects of appellate practice, including drafting briefs and making oral arguments before the appellate and Supreme Courts of Ohio.

Consultation & Review: We are available to review documents or to provide advice to parties who may not yet have representation. 



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